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Established in 2012, KS Design Jewelry Limited believes that quality craftsmanship is the essence of our success. Our vision is to create fashion design fine jewelry while closely communicating with our clients, giving them the best design and quality services available. At KS Design Jewelry, we have a passion for both creative and timeless designs. Our products are handcrafted by expert jewelers, setters and stone cutters to create trendy and elegant looks. KS Design Jewelry follows the standard of fine jewelry production, and offers a wide variety of quality jewelry with detailed works of 14K and 18K gold as well as platinum.

As a wholesaler and a manufacturer based in Hong Kong, we have expanded our businesses to countries such as United States, Canada and Australia, and also markets in Asia and Europe. Our company continues to grow by receiving consistent recognition for having the highest level of direct delivery services and after-sale service. We strive to provide value-added services to our business partners that appreciate the value and quality of KS Design Jewelry products.

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