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Jewellery Care– Jewellery should be stored individually to avoid cracking with other jewelleries or hard objects.

– Avoid wearing jewellery while doing exercise, sleeping or doing housework.

– Ensure that jewelleries are stayed away from household chemicals such as cosmetics, perfume and bleach which may erode the surface of jewelleries.

– Avoid contact with acids, alkaline and chlorine in the water because they will have a corrosive effect on jewellery. Remove your jewellery before taking a shower, washing your hands or swimming.

– Avoid using toothpaste and detergent to clean your jewellery, because many of them contain soda or high-hardness abrasive, which scratch the jewellery and precious stones possibly more serious damage.

– Consider carefully before using ultrasonic cleaning on jewellery. Diamonds and precious stones may suffer from repeated shocks become loose or even fall off.

– Ensure you do not place your jewellery too close to sources of intense heat.

– You should often check your jewellery to see whether the setting parts of diamonds or gemstones have become loosened or have fallen out, and worn. If any of the above conditions occur, please send your jewellery to the store for repair as soon as possible.


Diamond Care

– Avoid contact with oil, grease and dusts, which will stick on the surface of the diamond and reduce its brilliance.

– Regularly clean the diamonds to maintain the shine.


Gold Care

– Avoid wearing gold jewellery together with platinum or silver jewellery, as the friction between metals will result in scratches on gold jewellery.


Pearl Care

– The pearl? surface is easily to be scratched and dulled from wear. It should be wore carefully and stored individually to avoid cracking with other jewelleries.

– The pearl itself is moist in nature. Therefore it must be stored at a dry and shaded place to avoid moisture loss.

– Pearl should not be put inside ultrasonic machine for cleaning to avoid damage.


Precious Stone Care

– A different types of precious stones should be stored separately to avoid cracking with each other.

– Ensure you do not place your precious stone too close to sources of intense heat.


Cleaning Tips

– Gold Jewellery should be cleaned with a soft or dry cloth. (For Example: Silver Polishing Cloth or Glasses Cloth)

– Jewellery should be cleaned in diluted, soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse under running water and dry it with a soft and dry cloth. Remember to plug the sink before cleaning.

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